Howard Torn Construction Associates

CHARLES MISHNER – Owner & President
With 30 years of construction experience and a proven track record for exceptional work, Charles Mishner has elevated the standards of the industry through his tremendous dedication, uncompromising integrity, and firm understanding of construction logistics. As a graduate of WVU who is also a licensed General Contractor and Florida Real Estate Broker, Charles Mishner is knowledgeable regarding all construction related practices. Additionally, he is also a LEED accredited builder, allowing him to implement environmentally friendly concepts into his projects whenever necessary. He takes great pride in his work, always conducting business in a transparent, honest, approach that values the quality of construction in addition to the aesthetics of the final product.

PATTI ABBONDANZA – Executive Assistant
One of the most important factors for success within the construction industry is the ability to synchronize administrative operations with field operations in order to correctly execute each project in a timely manner. In addition to performing various administrative duties, budgeting, and construction scheduling, Patti, bridges the gap between our office and our job sites. The knowledge and persistence she brings to the table helps us deliver exceptional, cost effective work within the given time constraints.

LEON KAMPTHA – Finish Superintendent
As our Finish Superintendent, Leon has 33 years of experience in practically every aspect of the building process. Whether it’s roofing, flooring, trim work, painting etc., Leon maintains our high standards by helping us assess our subcontractors’ work throughout each step of the process. His industry knowledge and ability to solve problems make him the ideal Superintendent, guaranteeing the excellence we strive for.

MIKE MISHNER – Operations Manager
Mike is a third generation builder whose grandfather, Howard Torn, started Howard Torn Construction Associates, Inc. in 1954. As a operations manager, Mike works in many areas of development and oversees each building project with care and attention to detail from start to finish.